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Office Water

Espresso-Etc! offers eco-friendly and feature-rich water purification systems — with NO heavy water bottles. Choose on-demand filtration and purification systems that tap into your own water supply to deliver fresh and pure water — either directly from your faucet or on demand through a stand-alone unit. Or try our super sleek and stylish, pure air-to-water system that literally produces water out of thin air!

Bottle-less Water Coolers

Water Cooler - Air to Water Machine

Linis Pure Water Systems - Water Coolers

Super sleek and stylish, Linis™ pure water systems are designed to fit your office water purification needs, without the hassles of heavy water bottles. Our wide range of filtration, reverse osmosis and water softening products allow Linis™ water professionals to address your specific needs and circumstances.

Linis Water Coolers Los Angeles

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High quality Linis Water Station point-of-use water purification systems deliver pure, delicious, hot and cold drinking water right where you need it. These bottle-less, plumbed-in systems are available as self-contained purification units with installed reverse osmosis or micro filtration systems, or without filtration for quick connection to a Linis Water Hub.

Water Stations replace expensive, unsanitary and cumbersome bottled water coolers and fountains with a clean, convenient, environmentally friendly and economical solution.

Water Cooler - Air to Water Machine

Watair Air-to-Water Coolers

What could be more convenient than having a fresh supply of delicious, pure water without the hassle of bottled water delivery? With Watair water coolers, you get crisp, pure water in environmentally friendly, technologically advanced, water production machines.

Water Coolers Los Angeles

Visit website: Watair® Air-To-Water Coolers

Now the quality of your water source is never an issue because our machines are not hooked up to any water source, but instead produce water from the air you breathe.

Ensure that your family and employees are getting the best in filtered water! Bottle-less air-to-water filtration systems provide your office with an unlimited supply of fresh clean drinking water without a waterline hookup. Your Watair water cooler can be set up almost anywhere in your office or home.

No more will you have to combat the unpleasant taste of municipal water or try to filter out harmful impurities and contaminants such as lead, dirt, chlorine taste and odor. Tap water that is great tasting and healthful is becoming increasingly rare these days. Municipal water can affect the taste of almost everything you cook, eat and drink. With Watair water cooler, your coffee, teas, soups and drinking water will taste better than ever before!

Clear Filtered Water

We offer professional water treatment by BWT bestmax® water filters that process water used in gastronomy according to high quality requirements. Water filtration units tap directly into your office's water supply to provide unlimited clean water without bottles or jugs. Filters reduce sediment, microorganisms, and chemicals leaving clean, clear water, hot or cold. Use it with office coffee, cocoas, soups, or drink mixes — cup by cup or glass by glass, a true pleasure.